Cash Sale: We offer cash discounts off the purchase price if you choose to pay cash or finance through a mortgage institution.

Owner Financing: We provide the option of owner financing on most properties. We generally require 10% down and will finance the balance for up to 30 years at 9.9% interest.  There are no pre-payment penalties on our Note & Mortgages.

Fees:  There is a $100.00 fee for cash sales when we handle the closing which includes all deed preparation and recording.  If financed through a mortgage institution we do not charge any fees and the closing costs are at the buyers expense.  For Note & Mortgages, the fee is $500.00 and covers the preparation and recording of the Deed, Note & Mortgage and release of the Mortgage when paid in full.

Rates and fees are subject to change at any time and without notice.

We place protective covenants (restrictions) on every piece of property that we sell and they will vary from farm to farm. These are in place for your protection, as well as ours.  To determine exactly what the restrictions are for the piece of property you are interested in, please contact the appropriate sales person.

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Bruner Land Company has been in business since April, 1987.  We have never sold any of our land contracts or note & mortgages and still continue to service each one of them in our home office.  You can call and talk person to person to get your questions answered any business day.

All of our properties have a recent title search, and most have title insurance and a recent survey, all of which we would be glad to share with you.



Bruner Land Company is not a mortgage company.  We only offer owner financing

to customers who purchase Bruner Land

Company land.