Contest Rules

* Bucks in Ohio must be taken from 9/29/18 to 2/3/19 and submitted by 2/08/2019
* Bucks in Kentucky must be taken from 9/01/18 to 1/21/19 and submitted by 2/08/19
* Bucks in West Virginia must be taken from 9/29/18 and submitted by 1/31/19
* Please check with your state to be sure of the correct dates.
* All entries must include a photo of the deer with the hunter!

* This is a random drawing and not based on the size of the rack of the deer

* Drawing will take place on 2/11/2019

     * 1st place   - $500

     * 2nd place  - $400

     * 3rd place  - $300

     * 4th place  - $200

     * 5th place  - $100

* To be eligible you must have purchased the land where the buck deer was taken from Bruner Land Company though anyone hunting on the land with permission from the land owner is eligible

* Checks will only be made payable to the land owner

* Each land owner may submit multiple entries, but only 1 winner per Land Owner

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